Food Fund

Dear Students of Khen Rinpoche,

As you know, our beloved Teacher, Sermey Khensur Lobsang Tharchin Rinpoche, endeavored to support the food needs of the monks at Sera Mey Monastery. Due to the nourishment provided by his Sermey Monks Scholastic Food Fund, the monks are able to pursue their study of the five great treatises that form the basis of the monastic curriculum:

Pramanavarttika – Tsema Namdrel, Treatise on Valid Cognition
Abhisamayalamkara – Ngöntog Gyen, Jewel Ornament of Realization
Madhyamakavatara – Umalajugpa, Embarking on the Middle Way
Abhidharmakosa – Ngon par Dzöd, Treasury of Higher Knowledge
Vinaya – Dülwa, Discipline

The Fund, established by Sermey Khensur Lobsang Tharchin, provides daily nourishment for more than 1,500 monks at Sera Mey Monastery in south India, so that they can pursue their monastic training without interruption. In an effort to continue His beloved project we would like to:

• Welcome contributions from new (“rookie”) participants
• Remind our many previous contributors that your generous annual support is critical to the success of the Fund.

Thank you for your continued support of this project, which furthers Khen Rinpoche's wish to preserve the Buddhist monastic teaching system at Sera Mey Monastery. Every year, Sera Mey graduates qualified Geshes, who ensure that the Buddha's precious teachings remain in the world.

Please make out checks or money orders to MSTC/SMSFF and mail to:

Ven. Jampa Longrey, 47 East 5th Street, Howell, NJ 07731 USA

SMSFF Committee Members: Venerable Jampa Longrey, Frederick E. Palmerton, Tony Ngo Please contact us with any questions you may have at:
Ven. Jampa Longrey EmailTel: (732) 364-1824
Frederick E. Palmerton EmailTel: (973) 493-5079
Tony Ngo Email

The Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Center (MSTC), which administers the Fund, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization run entirely by volunteers. Donations are tax-deductible.